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Construction / Plant Hire

Roads • Building • Landscaping

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Celebrating 10 Years

4th September 2003 - 4th September 2013




GNE is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner such that pollution of the environment is prevented, the environment is enhanced wherever possible, and that there are no adverse effects on human health.


The company will canvass to minimise waste production and to encourage the re-use and recycling of waste materials at source. Where this is not possible every effort will be made so that those wastes that lend themselves to recovery or re-use or as an alternative source of energy will be so treated.


Every effort will be made by the company to assist the government in achieving its environmental objectives and where possible to actively participate with interested parties and agencies so that environmental issues are better understood.


Full compliance with legal and professional requirements will be set as a minimum standard of achievement for all company operations to ensure environmental excellence.

The company will use, wherever practical, recycled products and materials.

Green Policy